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Lifting spirits and strengthening minds by expanding access and overcoming barriers to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) education. 


Our Values

We believe in individualized education (for students, classrooms, and facilities). We know there is a path to good, fulfilling work for all Montanans in STEAM vocations.

We believe in finding inexpensive solutions to big problems, leveraging volunteers, community support, and building strong collaborations with other governmental and nonprofit social and educational service organizations.

We'll reach out to anyone, and meet them where they are, with compassion and deep respect. We know that great hardship brings great strength. We want to meet the people in Montana who don't want to be normal. Individuality, nurtured, freedom from normality, allowed, fosters our greatest innovations, our greatest works of art, and the people who make us proud to call ourselves human.

When something tugs at your heart-strings, you’re supposed to follow.
— Tiphani Lynn, Montana STEAM Founder and Executive Director