MTSEE is fully and passionately committed to the “A” in STEAM. To recognize the importance of art is to recognize the importance of the individual and the community, and to celebrate art is to celebrate us all.

Meet Soren, the little eaglet who could - a beautiful bronze commissioned exclusively for Eagle Mount by Montana artist Amber Jean.  Soren is ready to take on the world, no matter what, and his brave little heart will lift you up with love, his bold curious spirit will spark your desire for adventure, and his lovable soul will radiate healing. Only 100 eaglets were cast, and 100% of the profits benefit Eagle Mount in Bozeman, an organization dedicated to providing recreational opportunities for people with disabilities and children with cancer. Soren shows us how noble, compassionate, and healing art and community can be. There are only a few little eaglets waiting to find a home. If you'd like to invite his love into your life, please contact Mary Peterson at Eagle Mount in Bozeman. Want to learn more about the artist? Watch Amber Jean's raw and brutally inspiring story of the spirit of an artist in her TedxBozeman talk "The Spirit Within".


Reviving the Lost Art of Art

By Melanie Home Gun, EdD candidate, Advisory Board Member

The earliest artists expressed emotions and ideas in creative ways: drawing in caves to record history, designing and decorating functional clay vessels, and performing with their voices and bodies (in dances, songs, and stories). In modern societies, artists create to express their individuality, aspirations, desires, and emotions, and to make commentaries about the human condition. In the 21st century, artists have gone beyond individual expression to create functional art for communities to enjoy and to start projects that bring people and ideas together within a community.

Arguably, the most important role of art in our modern society is to help individuals to communicate their thoughts and feelings and share their experiences with others. In this role, art gives people a voice with which to express their individual desires, dreams and needs, both for communication and for personal understanding. It is this property of art that makes the "A" in STEAM so important for education: it can facilitate individual empowerment and creativity, allow individuals to be innovative by building on their strengths, or be used strategically to design learning environments, redirect challenging behaviors, and improve reading comprehension. 

Montana artist Amber Jean's bold, passionate presence is as large and vibrant as the sculptures she creates and carves from trees. In the cathedral-like presence of her giant tree scriptures, Amber sparks the TED audience with her gumption, keen insight, and soulful connection through stories that flow like a clear like a clear mountain stream.