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Welcome Aboard, Montana Digital Academy!

Montana Digital Academy (MTDA), Montana’s state virtual school located on the University of Montana Campus, announced that it will participate in Montana’s 10,000 Hours of Code Project in its upcoming Spring 2016 semester.

“We are pleased to step up and be a part of the Million Women Mentor - Montana’s challenge to provide more access to computer science instruction to Montana’s high school students in schools of all sizes throughout the state.” said Robert Currie, MTDA’s Executive Director. “We are particularly proud of the ‘Joy and Beauty of Computing’ class and the work of our lead teacher, Helena High School’s Buffy Smith, in adapting the curriculum to our online learning model.”

MTDA is now in its second year of delivering a course titled “Joy and Beauty of Computing”, based on Montana State University Professor John Paxton’s course of the same title, as an opportunity for students across the State of Montana in any public school to experience an engaging, unique approach to computer science. The course is also available for dual credit from Helena College.

In addition to the computer science coursework, MTDA will also be working with teachers across our course offerings to adopt smaller, content-directed lessons on utilizing the methods and mindset of “coding” in our virtual classrooms.

For more information, contact Robert Currie, Executive Director, Montana Digital Academy, 406-203-1812