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Almost $70 million is required to end hunger in Montana. At $0.25 per mile, we’d have to come together for 280 million miles. Burning 100 calories per mile, we’d lose 8 million pounds. There are around 1 million people in our great state — if each Montanan runs just 28 miles this year, this would be a year without hunger.
— Someone who can run 28 miles this year

How it works: 1) Download CharityMiles App, 2) Join the #youcanhavemycalories Team, 3) Choose FeedingAmerica, 4) Select Activity and Get Moving, 5) Tell Us How Many Calories You Donated or How Many Miles You Covered Using #YouCanHaveMyCalories on Twitter 

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When you ask a child what they would do with $100, the answer should not be “buy food.” But since it so often is, I’m pledging to spend less than $120 on food each month, while donating the same amount to end food insecurity. And I’ll still save money. Want to join me? You may need a crockpot, a dehydrator, and a calculator, unless you like doing mental math while the guy behind you is waiting to reach for the bulk beans.
— @TiphaniLynn

FeedingAmerica's Map the Meal Gap Report 

FeedingAmerica's Map the Meal Gap Report 

There is enough food on this planet for everyone. If you have calories to spare this year, join us to walk, run, or bike using the CharityMiles app and turn your spare calories into meals for people in your community. Save more on your groceries so you can give more to fight hunger.

One in seven people in Montana struggle with hunger, including 48,000 children. Hunger hurts twice - affecting the body and the mind. The physical and psychological repercussions of chronic hunger never fully go away. 

We won't pretend to estimate the economic impact of hunger in our communities. We can, however, know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that children struggling with hunger do not reach their full potential in school.

What social and technological innovation are we sacrificing when one in five children, who should be wondering about the stars and our planet and the natural world and what it means to be human have to wonder instead where their next meal will come from?